Do you wish you had a phone system as flexible and nimble as your organization? How about one that could easily and rapidly scale to meet the growing demands and needs of your organization? What if Technology Solutions could provide you such a phone system, all while providing redundancy, and sustained uptime at a price-point that can give your current system a run for its money?

Since the inception of VOIP systems, finding an IP phone system that actually works the way your company needs it to, without breaking the bank, has been elusive for business owners. However, here at Technology Solutions, we have perfected the art of the ever evasive and frustrating technology based VOIP phone systems. Leveraging Cloud based PBX systems, we can deliver you all of the above, at a price that will be hard to beat. Some of the benefits and business case examples are:

  • CPBX provides one of the best redundancy cases on the market today, with geo-redundant datacenters, you can guarantee 5x9s in uptime
  • CPBX is highly versatile: if you want to spin up new offices in a different state, it is a matter of minutes from the configuration side (no more waiting weeks on local SIP providers!). Ordering the equipment is what takes the longest in that case.
  • Your support comes directly from us, not a third party, so you don’t have to worry about going through, or dealing with, another vendor, we are your one stop shop.
  • CPBX features are bountiful. You get call recording at no additional cost. You get IVR, ring groups, just about everything that costs you extra with any other phone service comes included with CPBX
  • The extra bells and whistles that do cost extra, are one time only, and are enterprise grade. Call statistics and reporting, for Business Intelligence and data tracking, to help organizations make intelligent decisions regarding staffing levels and availability based on hard metrics.

Contact our business development team today, using the form below, and find out how we can not only save your organization money, but help it operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness.