Are you concerned about the state of the cyber-security in your organization? Can you not recall the last time your systems were patched? Worst yet, has no one even had a conversation with you about patching your environment? We can help. Our security offerings will conduct a full internal audit and review of your infrastructure health, and security health, as well as providing a risk assessment, all topped off with an external vulnerability scan and penetration test.

Once this process is complete, the full and complete results are delivered, and a Systems Engineer or Architect will review the findings with you. The findings will include plans and recommendations for action and remediation, for any and all issues and risks identified in the environment, which Technology Solutions can provide, or can handover to your IT staff for execution.
We don’t stop at just security audits and assessments, however.

At Technology Solutions, we offer compliance audit packages for HIPAA, PCI compliance, or both, if needed. These compliance audits check to see if your organization meets regulatory compliance standards, identifies areas that fail these checks, and offer plans for remediation, which Technology Solutions includes in the purchase price of the audit. Don’t just hope you are compliant before your next HIPAA or PCI audit, be confident that you are, with Technology Solutions.