IT Asset Management & Computer / IT Equipment Leasing

No matter how well equipment is maintained, eventually its useful life begins to deteriorate.  When considering IT equipment, such as Servers, Workstations, Printers, etc., the industry accepted useful life expectance is at or near 36 months. 

After this time has passed, slowly but surely failures begin to take place which can cause minor to significant impact to production. 

Technology Solutions has developed three Asset Life Cycle Management programs to make sure your equipment is functioning all the time and your production is not hindered by aged equipment.  We also configure this equipment from the ground up to prevent any unwanted or unnecessary strain on your equipment. 

When delivered, your equipment will be well tuned to perform its job for at least 36 months.  When that time has expired, Technology Solutions will deliver new equipment to take the place of the old.

Ask us about our Computer / IT Equipment Leasing Option, Lease to Own Option and our Out Right Purchase Option.

We'll work with you to help select the best fit for your organization.

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