Tulsa Business Phone System Options - VOIP, IP, Cloud, PBX, & Traditional

Traditionally, the only way a company could utilize telecommunications services was to buy and install related hardware on their premises (Traditional Phone System). With the advent of IP telephony and the subsequent evolution of cloud based phone services, this is no longer a requirement. Though certain Tulsa & Dallas companies still prefer to have their telecommunications infrastructure housed on-site, a growing number are moving to a cloud-based phone system.

Traditional Phone System VOIP (IP) Phone System
Purchase or Leasing Options Low Monthly Fee
Higher Capital Investment No Capital Investment
Depreciation Costs No Depreciation Costs
Maintenance Needs to be managed by IT labor Is managed offsite
IT department responsible for system updates System updates are automatic
Susceptible to accidents, such as short circuiting Not susceptible to accidents
Accessibility If the system goes down, customers calling in will get a busy signal If the system goes down, customers calling in will not hear a busy signal, but will simply be redirected
System outages during storms, or other things beyond the company’s control  

Technology Solutions deploys and supports the best of both VOIP / IP & Traditional On-Premise Business Phone Systems in Tulsa & Dallas.

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