Technology Solutions Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting Features

Certified architectures that guarantee 100% Uptime
Single-site designs with fault tolerance built in
Cloud-enabled to reduce costs and provide instant scale.

Hosting Options

Purpose-Built Managed Hosting Services
So Your Business Is Always On

Infrastructure needs change rapidly, and from one year to the next your solutions may no longer deliver the security, performance, or scalability you need to meet new business demands.

In order to meet those new demands and your businesses' own unique application requirements, Technology Solutions delivers multiple platform options—as you need them—for a customized managed hosting solution.


Managed Hosting Benefits From Technology Solutions

* Avoid service interruptions from non-redundant infrastructure architectures.

* Quickly scale with zero downtime.

* Attain regulatory compliance.

* Provide the customer experience your end-users expect.

* Focus budgets and manpower on competitive implementations rather than infrastructure uptime and security.

* Increase speed to market by utilizing instantly available production environments.

Cloud Hosting

Not All Clouds Are Created Equally

Our approach to the cloud incorporates enterprise-class technologies (EMC, VMware, Dell, Juniper, Intel), compliance, secure cloud architectures, uniquely connected Cloud SuperSites for failover, and an unparalleled amount of user control of your managed hosting environment through our Customer Portal. Our dynamic infrastructure recognizes evolving needs and reacts instantly to provide the most effective solutions.


If you have your own hardware but need the bandwidth, power, security, and manpower a world-class data center can provide, Technology Solutions has you covered. Our state-of-the-art data centers offer you a fully redundant facility to house your hardware. Our managed hosting services are available on any colocation configuration, so you can add backups, monitoring, and other services as needed.

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