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Tech Solutions understands the critical nature of your information. Our pledge is to protect that information and make you our number one priority. Choosing Tech Solutions means having access to a fully staffed and experienced IT team, regardless of your budget. We are a leading IT support service in Tulsa and Dallas because of our dedication to our clients, the skill level of our technicians and our innovative IT solutions. We want to make sure your business stays focused on the day-to-day, while we handle all your IT needs.

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Our team is made up of highly trained, experienced technicians who are certified in areas such as Cisco, Microsoft, satellites, hardware and databases. Educations range from bachelor’s to master’s degrees in telecommunications and other IT fields to ensure only an expert eye will be looking into your IT problems.

Should your staff get held up with an IT problem, our Support Desk offers remote troubleshooting, seamlessly accessing your system to minimize business downtime. You can rely on a local Tulsa technician to visit your business site if your problem cannot be handled remotely.

With access to a cloud server, you’ll reduce the risk of losing your data and increase the availability of your information on multiple sites. If your business has its own hardware, but needs the bandwidth, security and manpower of a world-class data center, Tech Solutions has you covered. A cloud server will better prepare you to protect your information, while broadening the capabilities of your data management.

While your company’s in-house server has the ability to power your infrastructure, it may not fully protect it. At Tech Solutions, our hosting services are available on any colocation and can provide you with cost savings and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Hosting helps avoid service interruptions and improves security, as well as access to your company’s information.



Whether it’s support or contract, we generally respond to your service request in 4 hours, but in an emergency, we can be even faster. This is twice the response time you’ll receive with anyone else.



Because we have more staff to dedicate to your needs, we can resolve issues twice as fast and for less cost than in-house services could provide.



Our clients save around 50 percent when using outside IT sources rather than in-house staff. With response time twice as fast and half as much, your investment in Tech Solutions pays for itself.